The Power of Being Connected

I know this has been the topic of hundreds of blogposts, but today, I had one of those moments where I truly appreciated being a connected educator. Although my classes were going ok, I was not having a particularly good day. Lots of small and large(er) problems to deal with, and it was wearing on me. The world was not coming to an end, but it was definitely not a good day. But, a simple e-mail exchange with a colleague at another school a couple of states away changed that. We briefly discussed a recent New York Times blog post, and that discussion led us into a couple of exchanges of ideas for collecting immediate student responses. Nothing major, nothing earth shattering, nothing that will revolutionize education, but that simple exchange of ideas and the inspiration that his ideas brought saved my day. I have still had better days than today, but being connected to a fellow educator changed today from being miserable to average. Sometimes it is that simple. The power of being connected.

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