My Five Favorite Tech Tools

I use a fair amount of technology in my teaching, and as I come across them, I am always willing to try new tools, sites, and apps. Some do not work out as well as I had hoped, while others become cornerstones in my teaching. Below is a list (in no particular order) of some of the tools that I use on an (almost) daily basis.

1. Google drive. This app has profoundly changed the way I teach. I am almost completely paperless, and distribute all handouts as well as collect and grade most assignments via Google Drive. Invaluable.

2. Evernote. I use Evernote for a number of different reasons, but primarily for writing blogposts (the tagging feature is wonderful) and for storing interesting things that I find online. The ease with which one can organize and search the material in Evernote makes it extremely user-friendly.

3. Padlet. Another tool that has drastically changed the way I teach. I often have students collaborate in groups, and instead of each group writing their answers on a Word document, I now have them write on a Padlet that I display for all students to see. Increased visibility and collaboration are just two of the great advantages to this easy to use website.

4. ThingLink. I use ThingLink in a couple of different ways. Sometimes, I create a ThingLink image and assign it to my students instead of having them read a section in a textbook. I also have students create their own ThingLink images to demonstrate mastery of the material.

5. VoiceThread. Since I teach a blended class, I use VoiceThreads to deliver some of the content, and I also use them as forums for class discussions. Because my students can comment on the VoiceThreads, it makes this tool a great way for students to interact online.

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