The Importance of Being Grateful

It is Sunday, and I am getting ready for the second week of school after the holiday break. As I am doing this, I feel the need for a confession: the first week back hit me like a ton of bricks, and it was not pretty. Between tired or hyper students, Internet connectivity problems, a stubborn cold, and me struggling to connect students with the material that we learned before Christmas break, it was certainly not my best week of teaching. Lessons went astray, students were confused, and things were clearly not flowing the way that they should have. In addition, I was so overwhelmed that I fell off the #Nerdlution bandwagon and abandoned my daily blogging.

But, as I reflect on the past week, and as I make plans for the next week, I am grateful. For a number of reasons. Grateful because I get a new chance this week, and I am confident that since I spent a lot of time this weekend preparing, this week will be better. Grateful because of the fact that though I had a rough week, I still had the privilege of being around wonderful students. Grateful because of the fact that despite the fact that I was clearly struggling last week, one of my students told me that she loved the unit that we are currently covering. Grateful because last week taught me that even in difficult times, I have people who support me and my teaching. Grateful because though I might have perceived last week as difficult, it is nothing compared to the problems that many children and adults are facing every day, in this country and around the world. Grateful that I have a job that I love. 

So, as you enter this week, take a moment to be grateful. Be grateful for whatever you have in your personal and professional life. I firmly believe that gratefulness is one of the key to happiness, and I always try to remind myself to be grateful, no matter how bad my day has been. Do yourself a favor: reflect on what you have. It will make you a happier person. 

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